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DoTa aND MaLLiNG DaY :)

10/15/11 9:46pm

[NP: Tell me by Wonder Girls]

GOSH! I really can’t forget this day. Coz this is the day that I played DoTA again! And after that, we went to Glorietta. There, we saw lotsa cuties!!!

It all started with waking in 9 in the morning. Then, I decided to take a bath at 10:55am. My friends went to my house to fetch me at 11:15am. We went to the meeting place – McDonalds. And we waited for a very looong time. Like, super. Then we decided to find for a net café to play DoTA. When we found one, we played for an hour but it felt like a few seconds in that café. I hate myself, for I have long forgotten how to play good again. Sadness L I’m gonna be a good player again, hahaha! After playing, we decided to go to Glorietta to waste time. The moment we went inside, Khent and I saw a cutie! GOSH! I’m getting religious. OH MY GOD!


We saw lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of cuties! Like, OMG! This must be our lucky day. Lots of desserts. I’m too happy to express myself.

I have to go now! I love watching Pilipinas Got Talent!

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